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How to Distract Yourself from Your Distractions

Author : Alexandria Traylor |

Distractions are some lying, cheating, backstabbing, Swiper no swiping, sons of a gun. In the realm of productivity and progress, you have to master the art of getting those time nappers in formation. Self-discipline, self-mastery, and self-control are probably your worst enemy every second of life. When you consistently give in to your distractions you are cheating yourself of the possibility to function at a higher level of progress. Instead of allowing multiple tasks and temptations to distract you organize them to satisfy both cravings.


Stratify Your Time

Strategically map out the details of your day. Know yourself down to your habits. If you’re anything like me, you have a difficult time focusing on one thing at a time because of all of the tasks that you know you must accomplish by the end of the day. Calculate how much time you have in the day to be productive enough to complete each task. This could mean working on your passion or small business. Break your productivity timeline into smaller, more manageable pieces. Focus on what you are doing for 45 minutes to an hour and set a timer.


Use the Reward System

Learn to discipline yourself but treat yourself at the same time. Don’t get up from your computer. Don’t pick up your phone. Don’t online shop. Don’t be distracted by the television. Literally commit to that task during the time that you carved out for it. Reward yourself by giving in to those distractions. After your 45 minutes of focus, do what you would like for 15 minutes. Once your 15 minutes is complete, it’s time to refocus. Using the rewards system will allow your production time to be more productive. You won’t feel the constant urge to interrupt what you are currently doing.


Prioritize Your Projects

Complete what is most vital first. Keep first things first. Identify the projects that are the most critical and create due dates for them. Work on the largest or most time consuming first. If something happens later on in the day that does distract you, you will be able to know that what was most important on that day was completed. There are certain tasks that you have to complete each day, the unavoidable. Deliberately make sure that you set aside time to complete them each day so that your “unavoidables” don’t get in the way of what you need to do to stay on track.


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