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[Inspiration ] What to Do While Waiting for Your Come Up

Author : Alexandria Traylor

Have a Concept

Before you have a “come up” you have to have a concept or else you won’t have anything to come up to. There are levels to a come up and having a clear vision is level one. You may be super creative and have a million ideas but unless your vision is clear you can’t expect anyone to jump on board nor understand what the overall goal of your vision. Be intentionally specific about what it is that you want to do. The clearer your goals are the more specific and meticulous each step can be.


Be Conscientious

Keep your eyes open at all times. Observe what other people aren’t doing that you can do or what they are doing that you may be able to do even better. Believe that every little thing matters in the grand scheme of your vision. A small detail can have a more lasting effect as well as help you stand apart from others doing similar things in your niche.


Cultivate Your Come Up

Educate yourself. Don’t be fooled by assuming that just because you are naturally good at a certain task that you will automatically be great. Even a wise man needs a teacher. Be humble enough to learn as much as possible about how to accurately execute your niche. Get yourself a mentor or email a mogul in your niche. Don’t be afraid to invest in you.


Be Consistent

Be consistently different. Consistency alerts others that you are serious about your vision. If you half butt anything, no one will take you seriously and your vision will simply seem like just a hobby. If you are passionate about it, you will pour your heart into your vision. Consistency is a major key. *cues DJ Khaled* Consistently be visible and make your presence known in your niche or field. Consistently talk and share your passion with those close to you. Consistently share to consistently build.


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