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[Inspire to Be Inspired] TGIM with Eric Thomas : Dream IT

Words from Eric Thomas Blog :

WHAT UP! WHAT UP! WHAT UP! It’s your boy ET!!! I know it’s not easy to change! I remember the process it took for me to move beyond homelessness. Nothing positive happened in my life until I was ready to make new decisions. I went from being a homeless high school dropout because I can to believe that I didn’t belong where I was. I had dreams and visions about the person I was meant to be and the things I was meant to accomplish before any of it was apart of my reality. I believed that change was possible, and that belief turned into consistent action that brought about lasting change. 

Many of you are tired. Many of you want to give up, but I’m telling you I pulled myself from the bottom by VISUALIZING where I wanted to be and by CONSISTENT ACTION, CONSISTENT GRIND, and FAITH. I want you to spend some time this week really reflecting on the progress or lack of progress you’ve made towards your dreams. Take some time to go over the last few TGIM’s. Are you where you are because you’re surrounded by the wrong people? Are you in the wrong environment? Are you not thinking about and working towards your dream everyday? Self assessment is the true key to lasting success, which is the only way to create great legacy. If it was easy, everybody would do it. Thank you for watching and remember, make the rest of your life, the best of your life. 

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