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[Inspiration] Random Thoughts from A Sinner : Iron Sharpens Iron

As Iron sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another – Proverbs 27:17

That is my favorite scripture. It reinforces our duty to uphold others to a standard. A standard that uplifts them to be all that they can be. We must focus on interacting with people who enlighten us. We must focus on sharpening others and being that enlightenment. As time goes by and we grow wiser, the desire to be surrounded by Iron increases. If you feel dull then you need to revaluate your sharpeners.

How many of us have a flame of desire growing within us, only for it to continually be doused with doubt from others?

It’s imperative that we surround ourselves with people who fuel that flame. Sometimes we will justify staying in negative situations based upon our past. However, there is nothing in your past that can rationalize dwelling in it.

I believe each of us are teachers and have lessons within us. Each of us teach a different curriculum. I also believe that each of us has points where some one moves on from our class and we move on from theirs. What we must realize is that moving on from a person doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good teacher. A lot of our curriculums are derived from an institution. Our behavior has become institutionalized as we confine ourselves to boxes. Our dialogue has become rhetoric as listening has become more foreign.

Our greatest success comes outside of our comfort zones. Many times we develop friendships based off our comfort zones. This comfort zone becomes a cycle of enablement. This comfort zone becomes a company of misery. Removing yourself from others doesn’t define them. It defines you. It doesn’t mean those people can’t grow. It means you can’t grow together.

How do you recognize the Iron?

It either makes a lot of sense or it agitates you. As a matter of fact, we will notice that we actually have a tendency to want to compete with the Iron. When we notice another meaningful energy, in order to not capitulate to it, we instantly make it a target. Maturity will show you that it’s vital to network with that energy instead. Life has a way of showing you that no one person holds the key. I believe that each of us make up a notch on a key. Perfectly aligned and molded with other notches in order that doors may be opened. We must focus less on “my turn” and more on “our turn.” Sharpening isn’t competing. It’s collaboration. Sharpening isn’t tearing down. It’s building up.

Culturally I’ve noticed we promote dumbing ourselves down. We engage in ignorance and belittle the achiever. If you watch long enough you will notice the belittled become the empowered. The ones who indulged in ignorance plummet. We have to become systematically synchronized. We must be on one accord so that we redefine what is “cool.” We must redirect the youth. We must sharpen and be sharpened. We must be the Cutting Edge. We must be Iron.

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