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NYC – Comedic Personality JustLatasha Writes, Directs, and Produces the comedy web series Sit Black & Relax. The series premiered Monday, March 14th, 2016 on This series expands the often, narrow variety of roles for Black Women in film, and explores the representation of millennial Black women who struggle with maneuvering their Blackness in a white world. This is her first scripted work.

Sit Black & Relax has a five episode premiere for its first season and stars Shakirah DeMesier of the extremely popular play, Plantanos Y Collard Greens, alongside comedic actress Alison Burke. DeMesier plays the lead of “Maya”, an awkward new New Yorker who tries to casually live while Black amongst her white friends, and often finds herself in ironic situations due to the advisement of her best friend “Lana”, played by Burke. The series obtains heavy influences of FX’s “Louie” and Comedy Central’s “Broad City”, and is told through the passive Black woman’s point of view.

JustLatasha grew in popularity amongst 12K subscribers with her Youtube comedy vlog: tackling tough topics concerning race, feminism, LGBTQ+ while educating her viewers. You can also watch her on the popular Youtube platform, The Grapevine TV, hosted by Ashley Akunna.

She hosted a screening alongside popular podcast host, Hey Assanté of The Friend Zone Podcast, and was also joined by Hey Fran Hey, Dustin Ross, and Kid Fury & Crissle of the #1 iTunes rated comedy podcast, The Read.

Sit Black & Relax is currently streaming free on the Amazon Prime platform: . Season 2 will debut later this year on her new digital platform collective for Black filmmakers, INCOLOR TV.




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