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Black Travelers Turn Homes into Art Galleries in South Africa



Washington, DC, September 23, 2019​– Although some enjoy their vacation with all-inclusive drinks and Instagram worthy views, The Global Intent is redefining what it means to be a tourist by discovering the world as a place to serve. The unique travel group is heading on its annual excursion on October 24th, offering an integrated travel experience with tourism, service and an unforgettable cultural landscape. Young black travelers, also known as “the crew”, will arrive as strangers and leave as lifelong friends as they embark on a 9-day South African adventure through its biggest and most vibrant cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pilanesberg National Park. 

Travel Life & Voluntourism

 Since its inception in 2016, more than 100 have traveled with The Global Intent to positively influence the changing viewpoint of countries in need from an American lens. The group buys local goods and contributes to several service projects that invest in the personal and professional development of citizens. From eating dinner in the middle of a farm to having lunch on the side of a dormant volcano, The Global Intent serves as an insider’s guide to a true volunteer vacation.

Chief Experience Officer Jada Davis makes this world-class, sustainable travel possible by partnering with African organizations to reflect the true beauty of the continent, powerful people and rich history. “I want travelers to leave with the desire to do more. To travel more, serve more and seek more out of life. It is my belief that we should leave this earth better than we found it and that’s what sets us apart from other black travel groups”, explains Davis. 

The Service Project

In less than a month, the crew will help build new communities with homes as art gallery attractions to benefit the Maboneng Township Arts Experience. The public art initiative has turned over 50 South African homes into galleries, exhibiting 40 + artists while encouraging residents to invest in art. Other activities scheduled for the “voluntourism” trip include boat riding to visit various Nelson Mandela museums, hiking up spectacular nature reserves, indigenous winery outings, informational city tours, picturesque beach visits, cuisine-indulgent group dinners, African pampering at a 5-star gaming lodge, and so much more.

Additionally, The Global Intent supports Too Fly Foundation. The Too Fly Foundation’s mission is to bridge generations and inspire curiosity abroad while providing students in underserved communities with passports and travel grants so they, too, can gain a global perspective, through one-of-a-kind programming and fundraising. In doing so we will be providing them with the tools and information needed for global leadership and success. As a Passport Partner, a donation to the Too Fly Foundation is included in every Global Intent Experience. 

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