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Woman Owned Travel Group Heads to Ghana for Wakanda Experience

Washington, DC, February 17, 2018 – The Global Intent, the premier black millennial travel group embarks on its annual global excursion with the underlying spirit of #WakandaForever as its theme. The timeliness of this multimillion dollar Marvel movie, Black Panther,  has set the tone as “the crew” (as the travelers are known as) head to the beautiful west African country of Ghana. In its third year, The Global Intent will have a culturally immersed experience in Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast. True to its foundation of intentional global exploration, the group will spend time with artisans in Ashanti villages, visit with students at a local school to strategize with FC Beauty school and their Women’s Entrepreneurial Program, and so much more. 

While The Global Intent continues to expand its reach around the globe, part of its mission is to positively contribute to changing the narrative of the illustrious continent of Africa from an American viewpoint. As the earth’s primary source of minerals and plants, it is a goal of this group to conserve Africa’s gifts as well as contribute to the needs of the people. While Chief Experience Officer, Jada Davis leads eager travelers  wanderlusting the globe. She continues to work with African organizations and initiatives to show the true beauty of the continent, the power in the people,  and the history of the African diaspora. 

“We define ‘voluntourism’ as an integrated combination of intentional tourism, the genuine impulse to help, and wanderlust to experience cultures abroad,” explains, Jada Davis. The Global Intent is committed to “doing good” as part of our mission to serve, while encouraging others to discover the world for themselves. The service projects range from renovating elementary schools in impoverished countries, to participating in urban farming in eco-conscious communities, to installing solar panels in villages, and even personal development workshops for global racial inequality.

In our efforts to encourage global discovery, we support the Hardly Home Initiative: The Passport Program. Its mission is to inspire our youth by engaging them through travel and study abroad opportunities. In doing so, we will be providing them with the tools and information needed for global leadership and success, starting with a passport. A donation to the Passport Program will be contributed at the conclusion of every Global Intent Experience.


The Global Intent travel group is POWERED BY & Affinity Travel Group, a division of Travel Planners International is a full-service travel agency based in Houston, Texas.

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