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Couple’s Trip:10 Tips To Survive Your First Vacation As A Couple

It’s official! Your relationship has advanced to the next level.  After months of spending quality time together, your new boyfriend/girlfriend has finally blurted out those three magical words–“let’s travel together!”

 You’re initially excited about the idea of venturing off to an exotic country to spend some alone time with your beau; but then you start thinking about it a little more and realize you haven’t planned a baecation before. 

Maybe you’ve only dated fu*k boys/girls, so the only trip you’ve taken is an Uber back to your apartment after a long night of bad decisions. Or maybe your ex couldn’t afford to vacation in your last relationship. No matter your reason, I’m here to help. Y’all know I always got your back!

As someone who has planned a few successful (and unsuccessful) baecations, I think I can be of some help. If you want to make sure your vacation is filled with less arguments, more sex and stays intact after the trip (because vacations have a funny way of destroying relationships), read my list of tips here. 

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