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Spring Beauty Regimen: Latest Beauty Treatments You Should Try

By: Tilly Grant

Spring is here, summer is around the corner, and we cannot be more excited about it! Apart from going out dressed in tees and shorts, and sipping coffee in some of the most beautiful places of your town, spring is the ideal time to try a popular beauty treatment and give your body that boost of freshness that it needs. So, if you want some changes, this is your time. But a difficult decision might be lying in front of you: which treatment to try out? Take a look at some of the most popular beauty treatments of the moment, and choose the one that suits you the most:

Show those silky legs

Obviously, you need to prepare your body for summer, and is there a better way to do that than opting for laser hair removal? All of the ladies suffer from having unwanted hair on one of the body parts, and spring is the ideal time to get rid of them. Why not show those silky legs when you have the chance to? It’s always better to do this now then once you get your tan, so make sure to book your appointment as soon as possible (hey, time is running out!)

Bring your best brow game on

Summer is not only about showing your silky legs and your great tan. It’s also about looking top-notch without any makeup at all. A great way to make this happen is to opt for a permanent or semi-permanent makeup, such as microbladed eyebrows. Microblading has become extremely popular, and it’s a great option to have killer eyebrows on your face 24/7. Another good thing is that it’s not that permanent as it will fade after a couple of years. However, make sure that you choose a good artist, as this choice can either make or break your final look. Opting for anyone who has successfully completed a good microblading training in USA is a great idea.

The Holy Trinity

Even though it’s not the latest beauty treatment per se, it’s impossible to continue with the list without mentioning the essentials. The Holy Trinity of skincare should always be present – cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating. Summer is also a time when you simply cannot forget about it as you want to keep your skin fresh during the hot summer days as well. This is why you should go with the best products that you can find, but remember that you can find some pretty decent ones in the drugstores as well. You don’t have to break the bank to keep your face in perfect state.

Peel the extras

If you really love skincare and taking care of your skin through crèmes and different products, you might as well consider a chemical peel this spring and get your face completely ready for the upcoming summer. Winter has certainly taken its toll on our faces, so you might look a bit dry and lifeless at the moment. However, bear in mind that you should opt for this treatment before it gets very hot outside as they can make the skin more sun-sensitive and you certainly don’t want that when it’s extremely hot outside. If you choose this step, don’t forget to use the moisturizer afterward on a daily basis.

More about Tilly

Tilly Grant is a freelance writer and a beauty blogger from San Francisco. She enjoys reviewing and writing about various beauty treatments and products. In her free time, Tilly loves cooking and spending time outdoors.

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